Facebook/Social PPC

I’m a huge fan of Facebook marketing.  They’ve got the reach (1 billion folks a day). The targeting (they know more about you than your Mom does). And the creative units are very flexible (and growing and changing daily). I can build your Facebook marketing programs from scratch, handling everything from strategy to targeting to creative to media buying to tracking and tweaking.

Creative & Content

Creative thought is in more demand today than ever. Digital channels have a seemingly insatiable appetite for ideas and content. As a copywriter and an Executive Creative Director, I have developed creative for virtually every channel you can imagine. From big, sweeping brand campaigns to smaller guerrilla-style projects, there is virtually no type of creative problem I haven’t been asked to solve.


Search isn’t the sexiest medium out there, but like email, it can be wildly effective when implemented thoughtfully and strategically. I can help strategize, create, implement and track your Search campaigns. Most importantly, I can make sure your search campaigns are fully integrated with your other marketing components.


“Give me 6 hours to cut down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I generally prefer to get in on a project early on — in the discovery phase — so we can work together to create a holistic structure to your marketing initiatives with clearly defined audiences, messaging, KPIs and objectives.

Web Dev

Long, long ago, I did websites for a living. Today, while I don’t actively solicit “web work,” I have found that my development skills almost always come in handy, particularly when it comes to interfacing your site with other components of your marketing funnel. Currently, I’m involved in several site overhauls and I still develop and manage sites for certain clients.


It looks great. Everybody loves it. But is it working? With so many analytical tools at our disposal, there’s really no excuse not to know what’s moving the needle and what isn’t. I am fluent in all the major analytic tools (I’m Google Analytics certified, for what that’s worth) and use them frequently for the insights and guidance needed to maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns

Headshot for Rich Paschall, digital marketing and communications specialist in Nashville, TN

About Rich Paschall

I'm a communications guy based out of Nashville, TN, specializing in marketing and advertising. I spent the last twenty-some years in advertising and digital marketing agencies. My official titles have included Director of Digital Marketing, Executive Creative Director, and SVP of Strategy. Today, I am focused primarily on helping brands generate awareness and sales via today's most promising channels. I try my best to maintain a skill-set that is as both deep and wide -- a true "full stack" of services -- so that I can offer you a more holistic approach to marketing.  I work on a freelance and/or project basis and can work with your team or supply one of mine. Thanks for visiting.

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