Illuminating Facts

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Content-driven campaign designed to¬†continue to build a relationship as a “trusted advisor” with customers at all touchpoints, from the service offices to the company blogs to the customer’s own living room.

We used friendly, approachable employees — real ones that we cast through an internal auditioning process – to put a “face” on the company.


We created hundreds of pieces of content that found their way to virtually every medium: blogs, YouTube, banners, billboards, television…you name it.




TV commercials, banner ads on Google Display Network, and ads placed on the bill payment section of the AP website would send traffic to energy efficiency blogs.


For posts, I wrote quirky headlines and maintained the tone and personality of each AP employee so that we could break out of the mold of the typical “Energy Saving Tips” campaign.


We also would occasionally discounted products on items highlighted in content through the company’s retail outlet.