About Rich Paschall

I am a marketing creative director or, in some cases, a creative marketing director, who brings a diverse skill set and holistic approach to every project that comes my way.

So what do I do exactly? First and foremost, I come up with ideas -- ideas that help brands communicate and engage with customers and potential customers.  Sometimes those ideas take the form of a PPC campaign. Sometimes it’s an idea to drive engagement across social platforms. Sometimes it’s a video or tv commercial. Sometimes it’s a large-scale branding initiative that needs to work across many channels. Sometimes it’s none of those things. Many of the most interesting projects simply call for creative problem solving surrounding a business issue.

I also do a lot of things to enable those ideas to be seen, engaged with, and tracked. I code in all the popular web languages. I am fluent in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I plan, write, and implement AdWords campaigns. I create landing pages. So if you need to launch a marketing program, and you don't have a huge staff to make it happen, I can help you.

I work directly with companies. I also offer "white label" services to other marketing agencies. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please contact me.

Let's talk. Contact Rich Paschall.